Review | An Enthralling, “Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade” at The Penguin Rep Theatre

Stony Point, NY – Environmental concerns; mass incarceration; civil rights; health care costs; gun control; illiteracy; racial injustice; income inequality, starving American children; government funding for social programs; military expenditures on mass destruction; Sound familiar?

It was the liberal platform that Robert Francis Kennedy ran on in 1968 when he sought the Democratic party’s nomination for President.  Bobby’s speeches particularly those about race, the cities, jobs, poverty, and welfare, could be delivered almost verbatim today. Considering that these issues continue to tear us apart 50 years later, is a disheartening reality.

The riveting one-man show, “Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade”, written and performed by David Arrow is the current offering at The Penguin Theatre.  A perfect venue for this intimate portrait of the young politician driven by conscience and compassion.

Robert Francis Kennedy was the younger brother of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He also served as his Attorney General. The play follows his campaign during the three months from the announcement of his candidacy to his assassination in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel. (read more)

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